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With albums titled “The Soul Album” and “The Dictionary of Soul”, Otis Redding, also known as “The King of Soul”, is a name that is synonymous with soul music.  His voice is always emotionally charged and powerful.  Though there are numerous songs of his that could be featured on this playlist, “That’s How Strong My Love Is” has always been one of my favorites.

There are versions of this song performed by various artists, including The Rolling Stones, but Otis’ version just hits the spot for me… any day, any time.  In just a short 2 minutes and 24 seconds, this song stirs up all the emotion that can sometimes take years to muster.  If you’re at a loss for words because you’re head over heels and tongue-tied, Otis has got you covered, just push play.

This year marks the 50th year that the world has been without Otis Redding, but certainly, he is always with us in spirit, in music, and in soul.

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For Belinda, writing and listening to music has always been an essential creative outlet and place of solace. She released her debut EP, “I’m Not Broken” in October 2016, and continues to write and release new music. Her lyrics have been recognized by “American Songwriter Magazine” and her music is featured on the award-winning “Women Of Substance Radio and Podcast.” Check out Belinda’s music and learn more at