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Skrillex needs some SERIOUS love for making this remix of Hundred Water’s “Show Me Love.” And Chance’s added verse is just that icing on that cake. Folks, I was obsessed with this song for weeks and I labeled it as my personal anthem on my walk to class every Tuesday and Thursday at 8am – when I’m just barely human. But a song can change a mood real quick, right?

I can talk about how “Show Me Love” is just too easy to groove to, but the lyrics alone are beautiful enough to make you stop and actually listen. It’s acknowledging imperfectness and some of the ugliness humanity has, but it’s earnestly striving to be better, to be held accountable, and to be called out when all that negativity is showing.

There’s a part of the song near the end that just demands to be heard. With subtle chords playing in the background all you hear are the voices of Nicole Miglis and Moses Sumney. There’s a kind of dialogue, a desperate plea, going on between them. They’re begging for something real and authentic from each other – from everyone. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, that thing is love. It’s more than a fleeting feeling, it’s eternal.

            So if you need me, I’ll be coming back to this song often when I feel like my patience is running thin.

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About The Curator - Jordan Yutan

Jordan finds joy in simple things like brunch, naps on the grass, and long car rides with the music on high. Her version of fun consists of dance parties, movie marathons and – of course – karaoke. Music has been such a key part in shaping her spirituality. She believes the first time she felt God reaching out to her was through a song and that still happens time and time again. She sees music as a vessel to vulnerability and will gladly invite anyone to listen, but especially wants to hear the songs in their own hearts. She dreams of visiting cafés all across the world, and meeting all kinds of people over a cup of coffee. But for now, she’s making the most out of college, soaking up the sun in her beautiful campus of UC Santa Barbara.