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This week's track is something I have had on repeat for many months, and even has some high-profile remixes by Chance the Rapper and Big Wild.

"Show Me Love" by Hundred Waters is a testimonial to how pure and concise a track can be. The innocence and divinity to this track cuts right to the message without distraction. Pure vocal synths riff through the piece of just over a minute long - it's a lot of unadulterated emotion packed into such a short track, terrific for setting the mood for a class.

This phrase, "Show Me Love" anchors the message of returning and journeying back to the innocence of love. Cutting through the "life" that can get in the way of the pureness, divinity, and essence of humans coming together in sacred union for the betterment of themselves and humanity around them.

Show your soul some much deserved love this evening and do exactly what I am doing: Plug this song on repeat for 15 minutes and let the waves of love drift in.

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About The Curator - Cam Bigelow

Cam Bigelow - Music to Curator

Cam is a music and yoga fanatic where he spent the last few years honing his skills and passion in the heart of beautiful Boulder, Colorado. He composes his classes based upon what feels best in his body and adds a little “flair” in which he draws from seasoned yoga instructors around the Boulder area. He is always on the hunt for the next song that will “wow” his students and will take his class to the next level. When not obsessing over his playlist for the 12th time or teaching on his mat, you can find Cam exploring all the nature Boulder has to offer, jamming out on his ukulele, and perfecting his bacon-wrapped scallop dinner.

Raised in Orange County, California and residing in Boulder for the last eight years, Cam is shaking up his life by moving to San Francisco in the next few months. For more information about Cam’s yoga practice, check out his website and Instagram @cambyoga.