Federica Sini
24 years old, born and raised in Torino, Italy and currently working in a clothing store. In the past years I've traveled around a little and I've spent some years away from Italy. I've lived in New York for more than a year and in Ibiza also for a few months. I came back to Italy after that and I'll probably stay here for good now 'cause guys, I have to say, Italy is the best place to live in but, as a teenager, I wasn't appreciating it this much. Anyway, all these experiences abroad made me change and grow a lot. Meeting people from all over the world, exploring new cultures and places; these are the things I'm happy about. Apart from fashion and traveling, music has always been my biggest passion and that's why I'm here. I started dancing when I was 10 and I think that's when music started to be really a companion and a very important part of my life. Making playlists has always been my little hobby; I'm always looking for songs, artists, sounds that I don't know yet and I like to share it with people I love. Music is also something therapeutic in a certain way and that's the reason I've made this playlist. I think we all deserve a moment in our day when we forget about ordinary life, problems and responsibilities and we let ourselves lull by some good sounds. Connect with Federica on Instagram