Yogya Modi

Hi! I am from India and I listen to crazy amounts of music. I was introduced to the paradise of music back when I was six years old, with the evergreen track, Numb, by Linkin Park. Ever since, I have actively seeked and shared music with and from every person I have met (I have attended school in multiple cities and have met different kinds of people). I also enjoy collecting new music from less popular sources like TV ads and radios in showrooms and restaurants. I don't care what genre of music I am listening to as long as it gives me "the chills" (a.k.a frisson or goosebumps). However, in recent times I have developed a strong interest in Chill Electronic Dance Music. In order to keep the chills strong, I have made it a point to never loop tracks I have already discovered (ironically, my playlist's name is Music to Loop Forever). I do this so that when I listen to an already discovered track again (after a long while) I can truly experience and appreciate the pleasure it gives.

Let’s Go Crypto

17 April 2022

Time to change the world, featuring artists like: KSHMR,Prophets Of Rage,Jonas Blue,Martin Garrix,Nytrix,Kae Tempest,Shannon Moore,Ruchir,The Jam,PL4YFIELDS,Charles Bradley,Kill Paris,Woody Guthrie,Sasha Alex Sloan

Where to Start with Brooks

28 February 2022

Welcome to the fountain of Brooks, which spews legendary synths to quench our never-ending thirst for high-quality music.

EDM Room Sessions – Vol. 1

2 July 2021

Tracks to share with friends, to play in your room as loud as you can and get attention. – from the Music to Loop Forever audioverse – featuring artists like Ghastly • Robin Schulz • Prismo • R.I.O. • KAAZE • Matthew Koma

Bounce Forever

2 July 2021

My personal set for an imaginary fest. Get bounicing! – from the Music to Loop Forever auidoverse – featuring artists like Timmy Trumpet •Throttle • Curbi • Steff da Campo • Siks • Don Diablo

Pop Forever

2 July 2021

Pop tracks that are singable or danceable by most millennials – from the Music to Loop Forever audioverse – featuring artists like Julia Michaels • Luke Christopher • Pharrell Williams • OneRepublic • Sara Bareilles • Becky G • Julia Michaels • K’NAAN

Heartbeats Forever

2 July 2021

Tracks with heart touching lyrics and clear vocals; worth singing along – from the Music to Loop Forever audioverse – featuring artists like Jeremy Zucker • Bea Miller • Isaiah Firebrace • Gotye • John Legend • Adele • Kimbra • Bea Miller

Staring At The Sun (Nolan van Lith Remix) – Vanic

23 March 2021

A one of a kind gem, you don’t come across once in a couple hundred tracks according to me!

In My Head (Landis Remix) – Party Favor, Georgia Ku

29 December 2020

This that intoxicating party number that everyone will want to bounce and sing along. You keep wanting more of this song, wishing it never ended.

Runaways (Jay Hardway Remix Edit) – Sam Feldt & Deepend

14 December 2020

This track has that optimism and freshness in its design.

Beach House – Prince Woods

8 December 2020

This track gives those eerie goosebumps during the drop when the noise effect creeps up at you

MATAFAKA – Unknown Brain

4 November 2020

The track begins and I am already chilled out by the chorus. The rap begins and suddenly there is swag all over my face and the entire room. And the first drop keeps you clinging on to the goosebumps…

Gold – Dash Berlin, DBSTF

4 November 2020

I don’t know how this track went unnoticed by the masses… But I am glad you are here to experience this piece of musical luxury.