Tommi Tikka

Yellow ­– GAUMAR

7 October 2019

I have believed in the healing powers of music all my life. Ever since I was a kid, music has always chased away all my worries. It just happens. I hear music and I’m transported to a different world, an alternate universe of sorts…

Yes Man – Mahogany Purple

23 September 2019

What happens when a group of guys meet each other in a high school band? Usually, nothing – unless you have a fetish for slightly or considerably out-of-tune tubas and trumpets. Sorry, it’s just the way it is, at least for the most part…

Rebecca’s Curse – DD Allen

27 August 2019

My father once told me to be wary of women. I laughed at him. I remember the day well. We were in his car, eating sandwiches, I was nineteen and helping him out at work. He wanted to show me the ropes of being an entrepreneur. Hence, we hung out together every day for a month. I learned the ropes of being an entrepreneur but didn’t understand a fig about what he was trying to explain about women. I wish I had listened to him more closely…

Sailing – Rod Stewart

17 June 2019

Dear Dad,

You passed away yesterday, on June 16 and left a void that cannot be filled in the hearts of the people you loved. Anyone who knew you will know exactly how incredibly huge this void is for my mom, brother and me. You were everything to us. I know anything I ever did was done to make you proud of me, proud of the fact that I was your son…

Meet Me in Stockholm – Sir Douglas Quintet

12 June 2019

A friend from Detroit wanted to experience Finland and traveled here to visit my ex-wife and I in 1993. We showed her around Helsinki, hitting all the hot sights, mandatory restaurants and clubs. We even took a ferry to Stockholm, Sweden, so she could discover another stunningly beautiful Scandinavian capital…

If I Can Dream – Elvis Presley

5 June 2019

I’m never going to sing another song I don’t believe in. I’m never going to make another picture I don’t believe in.
– Elvis Presley after hearing ”If I Can Dream” for the first time.

Speaking of first times, I remember the first time I saw Elvis on TV. This was in the early 1980s. I must have been no more than ten. It was the day before Christmas and there was a rerun of the King’s ’68 Comeback Special on NBC…

Let Your Love Flow – Bellamy Brothers

28 May 2019

Okay, so I have a question for you: Do you enjoy the first signs of spring, when the nature wakes up, flowers and trees blossom and people around you start showing symptoms of spring fever?

I for one love it…

Fab Four And The Russian Pirates Of Sound

18 May 2019

Did you ever visit St. Petersburg in the early nineties?

If you did, my next question to you is: How many pirate CDs/DVDs did you bring home with you?

Quite a few, no doubt. A box set of the sitcom Friends perhaps? Or Sting’s entire catalog? Or maybe you just bought a few famous CDs like The Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd and Born In The U.S.A. by Bruce Springsteen…

And The Cradle Will Rock – Van Halen

16 May 2019

When Van Halen came on the scene, they blew people’s minds. It was the type of music that hadn’t been heard before. I remember my parent’s feeling a bit iffy about the band. My dad especially was concerned when I had the MTV on and was watching the long-haired lead singer jumping around in tights…

Melancholia – The Who

8 May 2019

The world is filled with webpages that’ll teach you how to be happy. Presumably that’s what people want, constant happiness. Lo and behold if you have a negative or deep thought. This has become a crime almost, especially in social media. Our lives must be incredibly cool and blissful all the time…