Tiago Felipe

Tiago Felipe studies cinema at the State University of Paraná and works with film production. He was born in Ribeirão Preto, but currently he's living in Curitiba, both in Brazil. He is a cinema, music, dance and all of arts lover. He likes to spend time watching musicals, enjoying his friends and family, petting his cat Juni, playing guitar, singing and, obviously, listening to many songs. His relationship with music is one of the most important things in his life and he believes in the power of music to get better a situation, to help getting in a mood, to connect people or just to groove. Find Tiago on Instagram and Facebook: www.instagram.com/tiagoofelipe https://www.facebook.com/tiagoofelipe

Ms. Stress – Floetry

27 January 2021

The track of the week is a great 2000’s R&B. More one track about love and complicated relationships.

“It’s better that it hurts. It’s better that it feels this way to me”

OG Luv Kush p2 – Kaiit

14 December 2020

The track of the week is a great successful single by Kaiit, an upcoming artist, hailing from Melbourne, Australia.


24 November 2020

The song combines the power of Kelela’s voice with the softness and sensuality of Linn’s voice, in addition to the incredible production of BADSISTA.

Jerome – Lizzo

27 October 2020

Lizzo has won a very wide audience due to her songs and her unmatched talent, but beyond that she is an example of representation for many people around the world.

Try – Tássia Reis

12 October 2020

This week Music to Sing Out Loud brings a contemporary jazz song by Tássia Reis, an awesome brazilian singer. “Try” has simple lyrics and talks about a false attempt to stop drinking.

Wonder What She Thinks of Me – Chloe x Halle

5 October 2020

The song is an incredible mix of acoustic sounds with synthesizers, in addition to the perfect match of the Chloe x Halle’s voices.

F**kin’ Love Songs – AWA (Feat. Ebenezer)

28 September 2020

It is not a novelty that loving delusions are inspirations for many songs, but it is literally what AWA talks about in the track of the week.

I been – Ari Lennox

22 September 2020

This is one of those songs that even if you haven’t been through this situation, you feel like singing along.

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE – Jup do Bairro (feat. Linn da Quebrada and Rico Dalasam)

11 September 2020

This brazilian song tells us about love and sex. Even if you don’t understand portuguese, the song is able to make you feel this sentiment and passion.

Karma – Mahalia

11 September 2020

This song tells us about burning feelings. Mahalia sings about the power of karma and above all how the person always comes back to her.