Thomas Jefferson

It started like many 80's babies, 90's children - with blank cassettes. I would listen to the local radio station, or BBC Radio 1 and record songs I liked - always frustrated when the DJ would speak over the end and wreck the mix! Much rewinding and taping over later, I'd spend hours designing the covers and scrawling the artist and track names on the sleeve in tiny writing. I've always had an eclectic taste, going through phases like every other teenager but coming out the other side with a disregard for genres and pigeon holes, just an endless desire for more music and to keep learning. Raised in a musician’s household, I played piano and guitar, was in the school band version of The Strokes and went on to study Popular Music at Liverpool University, the home of The Beatles, the only place I wanted to study. Deepening my knowledge and understanding there, I got into the Liverpool music scene, writing for local music rags interviewing the local talent. I’ve worked in hospitality, always finding a way to bring my love of music to the fore - curating playlists a small group of bars and restaurants, bringing in live bands and DJs and relishing spinning some tunes when the DJ didn't show up. Nowadays I do festival and events work, with music still filtering through everything I do. I always have something on in the background, always looking to create the perfect soundscape for every situation and mood. I consider myself to a be soundscaper, sound architect if it doesn't sound too grand and dream of creating soundtracks to films, tv shows as well as putting my own musical creations to movement and dance. You can find some old scratchy soundscapes on my Soundcloud. My lists are always curated with the greatest care - I really want to immerse in the field or focus of the list. My greatest passions are in the kitchen, the yoga mat and wandering the globe and I have countless lists that evoke those places, which you can find on my Spotify. It's not so much about a formula or a genre for me, but a feeling - being able to put myself in that place when I hear the right song. You can also find me on Instagram @tjeffo7786 and Twitter @TomJeffo

Kinematic Wave – Field Works, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

25 September 2021

Field Works create music from the every day world around us, see music in everything. Carefully capturing and lovingly crafting and stitching these sounds together to create a network of interconnected sounds, of captured moments.

Song in 60 Seconds

24 September 2021

A MusicTo collaborative playlist of songs in and around one minute – featuring artists like The Clash • Bad Religion • M.I.A • Cru • Opeth • Pratley • BA Johnson • The Linda Lindas • Ramones

Broken Hearted Kota – Joseph Shabason

23 August 2021

Funky, flowing guitar riffs join muffled, dusty sax in the melange of sounds caressing their ways through our veins, into our bloodstream until our very being is embodied by the sweet, sweet sounds.

50:50 (Grooves to Span Time)

1 July 2021

50 years of urban delights from 1971 – 2021: A journey through Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rap and Hip Hop – featuring artists like Roy Ayers • Prince • Miami Sound Machine • Eric B & Rakim • Gang Starr • The Roots • Nightmares On Wax • J Cole

Lace – Random Rab

1 June 2021

Beauty can be found in the simplest of movements, the repetition of rhythms that grow in depth the more time we spend with them and soften into them.

~ Stillness ~

27 May 2021

Music meditation – a temple of sounds for meditative states – featuring artists like Marconi Union • Brian Eno • Jonsi • A Winged Victory For The Sullen • William Basinski • 36 • Slow Dancing Society • Chihei Hatakeyama

Places – Shlohmo

18 May 2021

Places oozes a sensuality in its flow and presents a chance to connect with your body and be playful.

Shanghai – Swindle

11 May 2021

Swindle’s method and musicianship embodies this meeting and embracing at the crossroads of sound and flow.

Jetstream – Lusine

27 April 2021

Jetstream passes through and around us, picking us up in its flow and the leaving us floating in its wake.

Far Away Coast – Koresma

19 April 2021

Koresma’s music is inspired by the landscapes and their influence on sound.

Something We Lost – Sekuoia

12 April 2021

Some tracks just feel right, like they just embody the type of sounds you want to promote beyond the borders of genres and labels.

Corre – Cycles

5 April 2021

Corre – comes from correlate, circling back, like the breath, the constant ebb and flow in and out, in and out.

Millions of Birds – Richard Houghten

29 March 2021

As the harmonics flit and spark, diving and swirling into our sound ways we are lifted up and away.

Stalled Boson – Olan Mill

16 March 2021

From the album Paths, described by its creators as “an account of both melancholy and euphoria”. This is an exploration of sounds that encourages the listener to dive in and immerse deeply in their own journey.

Of Course It’s All Things – Lowercase Noises

10 March 2021

Seeped in the simplicity of one synthesizer and one guitar, there is a gentle warmth to the swelling, sweeping musical vistas in Of Course It’s All Things. There is a sense of peace found in simply slowing down – so move slow and listen long.

Goodbye Forever – Evenings

3 March 2021

Gentle waves lapping the shore, maybe a little calmer than before. An uplifting guitar picking pattern is joined by a jaunty but almost regimental marching rhythm, like a merry army of peaceful warriors guiding you towards Savasana – the final conscious, wakeful rest.

Komorebi- Catching Flies

23 February 2021

Melodic and moving, light in the dark, simple yet intricate, spacious while dense and uplifting yet grounding. Let’s play musical yin and yang, catching flies and playing with our breath and bodies in the dappled light flickering as we begin to awaken from winter’s slumber.

Beyond The Trees – Kisnou

16 February 2021

The Italian musician and composer behind the name turned to music as an escape from pain, to be free within his passions.

Bubbles – Yosi Horikawa

9 February 2021

Yosi Horikawa is what music with no limits sounds like. Move to Bubbles with no limits.

Affelaye – Morning Tremor

1 February 2021

As soothing as it is uplifting; Morning Tremor suits flowing asana’s and vibrant vinyasa flows. The intricacies of the track are submerged within soft, warm layers that wrap around you and flow through you like breath through the body.

Harvest – Tom Trago

26 January 2021

In the club or on the mat, hearts beating as one, breath flowing in tune as we still the rippling waves.

Batismo – Populous (Feat. RIVA)

21 January 2021

This playful track is for nighttime movers who want to get creative and playful with their flow.

Flight – Anoushka Shankar

12 January 2021

Anoushka Shankar, daughter of the legendary Ravi, plays a beautiful Sitar that in Flight soars across land and sea to the roots of Yoga.

Stream of Consciousness – Richard Crandell, Masumi Timson

6 January 2021

The Mbira, the sacred instrument of Zimbabwe matches perfectly with the classical Koto sounds.

Healing – Sampa the Great

29 December 2020

An awakening. The calm after life’s storms settle, that moment when we accept what has been and sink into what is. Let the healing begin.

Hold On -East Forest

22 December 2020

Hold on feels like the best advice we can manage just now as we ride out the turn of the year and in the midst of a storm that is yet to calm.

La Lettre – Warren Ellis

14 December 2020

La Lettre is from the opening sequence to Gauguin about the legendary French Painter of the same name as he looks for inspiration and freedom in the wild.

It Feel Like Floating – Mary Lattimore

7 December 2020

The title gives this track away- You sink into the mat, as if into a cloud and then float up into the ether…it feels like floating.

Atoms Song- Teebs

30 November 2020

“Warm. Organic. Tumbling. Blissful. Expansive.” I can think of no better words to describe this track and how perfectly it slots into the final moments of a yoga practice.

Reminiscence – Dante Bucci

24 November 2020

Ambient, hums and melodic polyrhythms, this track encourages movement and stillness all at once. With the body warm and full of space, wind your practice down and let the meditative sounds of the drum seep into your inner being.

Two Thousand and Seventeen – Four Tet

16 November 2020

Every yoga class deserves a Four Tet piece and this one is a reward for the time spent on the mat.

Ajooni – Ami Dang

11 November 2020

Absorbing stretched sitar sounds glide and soar, merging with deeper bass tones reverberating from our core as we move into a blissful state of awareness

Nami- Meitei

3 November 2020

It’s a masterfully crafted atmospheric piece, lush, spacious layers creating a perfect moment to pause, to reflect and re-centre ourselves whether on the mat and our inner world.

Mango Pulp (feat. Ian Ewing) – Edamame

27 October 2020

Edamame, is a purveyor of “songs to help you float” and at 01:04 of Mango Pulp when the beat drops, it feel likes like sinking into a vast, warm, humming cloud of energy.

Monday- Frameworks

20 October 2020

Some songs just have the right combinations to unlock our shackles and free us to move. Mondays by Frameworks embodies that feeling of breaking free and floating lightly on a sea of tranquility.

Son Kunda – Susso

12 October 2020

We can’t help but want to move with the percussion and lively vocal samples taking us to the dusty villages and snaking rivers of Gambia. For yoga practitioners, this is a fun track full of the warm energy of community, something to bring to the mat or to your own tribe.

Tristan De Liege – Descanso

5 October 2020

Closer to a martial arts soundtrack, Descanso will lead you through some of the more powerful movements in Yoga.

Jogging House – Yours

28 September 2020

Jogging House is a synthesist and composer from Frankfurt who in his own words, is trying to slow the world down a bit.

Into The Valley – Jason Barty

18 September 2020

A slow rhythm forms and centres us, gives us focus – breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Layer on layer, yet spacious and free, setting you up for a deeper connection in your practice

Opening – Essie Jain

18 September 2020

Sense the stresses and strains of your day fall away as Essie’s ethereal voice works its soothing honeyed tones into you.