Stephanie Gadsden

Brotherman – Detroit Swindle

20 October 2020

Brotherman is a banger track, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to dive into the Detroit house music with a bit of a modern touch added.

Come Back – Wearing Shoes

13 October 2020

Come back has this vocal sample that I feel I had heard before somewhere back in time, around the 90s, it is an unbelievable good song. Piano and synths on this one are one of my favorite things.

By My Side – Dub – Caldera (UK)

7 October 2020

Feel like dancing? Caldera (UK) has this new track called By My Side that will definitely make anyone dance.

This Must Be Deep – Risk Assessment, DJ Romain

5 October 2020

The track makes me dance the night away and it is definitely something you would love to play or listen to on an early night!

Chain Reaction – Mike Sharon

30 September 2020

Chain Reaction is a track that’s on the edge of being categorized as Soulful House, however the synths and the piano are just so deep that I definitely have it as a top Deep House track on my lists.

Just A Minute – B.Jinx

22 September 2020

Jazzy Deep House vibes on our track of the week! β€œJust A Minute” will keep you dancing.

Desire For You – Chico Flash

14 September 2020

This week’s track is from Chico Flash, this is a must have track if you want to jam a Disco, Classic House DJ Set or if you just want to dance while feeling nostalgic.

Rave With Me – Leandro Di

6 September 2020

This Garage track has everything to be part of a nostalgic DJ set, good to be played at the beginning of an evening.

Deep Inside – Marc Cotterell, Dominic Balchin

6 September 2020

Take a listen to this track of the week and turn the volume up! Also make sure you have a bass heavy speaker or headphones to listen to this masterpiece.