Sky Diamond

My name's Sky Diamond and I love music as I'm sure you'll find any curator say. I find a lot of joy creating beats and curating songs that create something greater than the sum of its parts. My style of conception is finding a few songs and looking for the overlapping sounds in each to create a cohesive idea. You'll find me swimming in the genres: R&B, Pop, Indie Rock/Pop, EDM. And, these are my favorites to work with, but I'll dabble in any genre and always down to hear a new song.

My particular style comes from a belief system that I'm a spiritual soul having a human experience. I believe we're all here to play and have fun. And, music is something that speaks to my soul as an expression of all the unique ways each of us see the world. We could all have the same beats to create with and somehow we produce something entirely unique. I'm here to be a reminder to play with the resources we have and to step outside the norm.

~It’s a vibe~

13 May 2022

Hit play and get ready to vibe 😎, featuring artists like: FKA twigs, Remi Wolf, Glass Animals, Dizzy Fae, bloody white, She’s Only Sixteen, Flipturn, Trudy and the Romance

Catch Me in the Beat

27 April 2022

Funky, Dancey, w/ a moment to breathe, featuring artists like: Duckworth, KAYTRANADA, Havelock, Phony Ppl, The Notorious B.I.G., Garçons