Rich Parrott IV

Stay — Where to Start With Jodeci • a playlist by musicto

2 September 2021

Every artist starts making music because they hear someone’s music that they enjoy, to the point they want to make it themselves. Jodeci was that group for me. Since the first time I saw them on TV as a child, I knew they were the coolest. The first member that I became enamored with was Devante Swing, A tall light-skinned pretty boy, with a high top fade, and dark sunglasses that gave him an edge that stood out to me as a youth. I would later come to find out that he wrote and produced every Jodeci record, until their sophomore album, Diary of A Mad Band. 

Hootie Hoo

2 September 2021

Retirement was invented to allow people, who were once but no longer good at something, to stop doing that thing they are no longer good at. That creation bore an offspring named Early Retirement, where they may still be good, but there’s someone better, cheaper, and/or fresher to take over.

Late Night Cake Master

31 May 2021

The perfect playlist for a late night cake session – featuring artists like Mary J Blige • Tony Toni Tone • LL Cool J • Ginuwine • Guy • Janet Jackson • TLC • Brandy

1000 Mirrors – Night Heron

17 May 2021

Night Heron’s “1000 Mirrors” is a special body work, you must stop and hear now!

Better – foamboy

1 May 2021

foamboy’s “Better” is the must hear jam for the month of May!

Robbery – HunnaV Featuring 916Frosty & Jvxe

1 May 2021

HunnaV comes together with 916Frosty and Jxve for the super saucy hit “Robbery”

Private Dance Night – Silent Income

23 April 2021

The reasons to like this record are truly infinite and the greater question is what’s not to like about this amazing record.

Tracy, CA – Larry June

16 April 2021

Larry June “Tracy, CA” is a super cool Hip Hop record that’s more enjoyable every time you hear it.

Triflin’ Kids – Johnny Dynamite and the Bloodsuckers

16 April 2021

The layers in the production that are packed with amazing synths creates a world around the listener, filled with bright lights that shine to the fullest.