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What Is Alternative Music?

10 November 2020

We asked our global community of musicto curators the question: “What is Alternative Music?” This playlist is the response. Curated by Jane from Music to Play In Your Vintage Mustang.

Music to Dream In Black

12 September 2020

Songs to reimagine the Black in America experience, one that aspires to the utopian dream prophesied by our ancestors, while guided by the dystopian nightmare of those same ancestors.

Music to Dance To

7 July 2020

We asked our musicto curators a simple question: ‘What’s a track that when you put it on – you can’t help but get up and dance?’ This playlist is their response…

Music to Connect To

29 May 2020

Select a track that has an uplifting message – something that inspires and preferably something that reflects on the positive aspect of humanity and being alive. Could be old, new, any genre etc – totally your call. Here’s what the community came up with…