Marija Botic

Born in Croatia and for the past few years living and loving life in The Netherlands. From a very young age, I was drawn to music and introduced to many different genres and styles. Today it would be impossible for me to pick a favorite genre, song, or artist, but my favorite tracks usually tend to be in the Rock n Roll spectrum with many of its different genres. Then at the same time, pop music especially from the 70s and 80s is a form of a bible for me, so this is where my indecisiveness comes to light.
Rock for the soul, and cheesy pop for the heart. Now that's a good description.
As my taste for music goes far and wide so does for film and TV. I came across so many different songs and artists just from watching The Leftovers, Fargo, Breaking Bad and many other amazing shows.
Last year when I started curating playlists on Spotify, I realized I really enjoy making mood playlists. Happy and feel-good, melancholy and nostalgic, there is a song out there for pretty much any mood, and that's the beauty of music. Whatever you are going through in life, music is here for that moment or feeling, to make it better or to enhance it.
The two best feelings in the world for me are finding a song that you can't get enough of for days on end, and sharing the same love and joy for a song with someone else. Music is meant to be shared and heard and so are the feelings for music. That's why I am here in this wonderful community, finding minds and tastes that share the same values.

Eyes Closed

15 June 2022

Spin yourself away to an etheral soundscape with Maija & Matt, featuring artists like: Slow Magic, ODESZA, QUIET BISON, Odd Mob, KAYTRANADA, ford., Yppah

Sails Across the Sea with Sympathetic Vibrations

3 May 2022

Because no good story ever started with ‘I was having a glass of milk…’, featuring artists like: Oasis, Bessie Smith, G. Love And Special Sauce, The Blasters, Monty Python, Inxs, Chumbawumba, Kendrick Lamar