Joshua Thomas

Hi there, I'm Joshua. I have been listening to songs for longer than I can remember. It has really been an integral part of my life. As a 2000s kid, I grew up listening to a lot of alt rock, pop punk and nu metal. I have come a long way since then, listening to a wide array of music including (but not limited to) synthwave, tropical house, lofi and prog rock. I wish to discover more amazing music and share it to the world.

I have always believed that music is a medium that can be used to connect and inspire people. It is a unique form of self expression which can move everyone. For me personally, it's a really special bond/connection that makes me who I am. So, I certainly think that the songs a person listens to says a lot about their personality.

I have also tested the waters and tried making some compositions myself. I wouldn't say it sounds amazing but if you are interested, take a look at my soundcloud:

Thank you for reading my profile. Have a wonderful day :)

Pedal to The Metal

20 June 2022

Get ready to rock your socks off with Pedal to The Metal!, featuring artists like: Queens of the Stone Age, Kings of Leon, Linkin Park, Riddlin’ Kids, My Chemical Romance, FIDLAR, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Together Pangea

A Funky-Mellow Dream

19 May 2022

Take a chill pill and enter the ethereal realm with “A Funky-Mellow Dream”, featuring artists like: Durand Jones & The Indications, Teen Ravine, Mayor Hawthorne, Mellow Fellow, Men I Trust, Slowdive, Steve Lacy, Daft Punk

Icarus Melts in the Sun

12 May 2022

Fly close to the sun this summer and melt into 90s alternative rock…, featuring artists like: The Dandy Warhols, The Black Crowes, Bush, Audioslave, El-P, Massive Attack, Pixies, Nirvana

Neon City

13 April 2022

Retrowave Paradise, featuring artists like: The Midnight, Dance With the Dead, Gunship, A.L.I.S.O.N, Scandroid, FM-84, HOME, Carpenter Brut