James Waves

Creative Freedom – Lauren Sanderson

3 July 2019

Lauren’s voice is incredible in this. love the production in this too…

Clockwise – Gorilla Social

12 June 2019

New upbeat release from Chicago’s Indie rock/pop group Gorilla Social. Great jazzy guitar licks and mellow chords. Infectious melody with introspective lyrics…

Spaces – Skytrip

26 March 2019

This song revolves around a situation where the protagonist realises he’s a part of a simulated world. He tries to convince his lover that they are simulations . He somehow feels like he’s a bug in the system and goes to extreme lengths to prove it…

Theory of Relativity – Anja Kotar

12 March 2019

A deeply visceral reminder of distinct moments in youth, “Theory of Relativity” causes emotional reactions with bold lyricism, rich strings, and dreamy visuals…

Right Here – Red Electrick

27 February 2019

As a band that’s been going for 10 years, we’ve now become, modestly, one of the most successful bands on the island of Malta in Europe. We’ve recently had a line up change where we changed our vocalist, and this is the first song released with the new singer…

Feelings for You – Lūkka

12 February 2019

Funky-fresh POP track ‘Feelings for You’ will surely catch your feelings, will remind you of your dearest moment passed with loved person. It’s smooth music arrangement and the Artist’s voice will get you closer to the sweet memories!…

Daydream – Tia Brazda

6 February 2019

 This track has a bossa nova feel and definitely puts one in the mindset of a summer day on the beach. The lyrics speak for themselves, describing a tropical love scene…

Hung up over you – Princeaubrey

29 January 2019

“I personally feel this song puts the listener right into a summer day at the beach with the sun beaming on him/her while the person can vibe to a song about moving on from an ex…”

Awake – Ari Gumora

16 January 2019

“Awake” is about the feeling of falling in love with someone so amazing you don’t know what to do with yourself…

Filler – Molly Kramer

9 January 2019

I’m not sure if you can handle this funk. Great song by Molly Kramer from NYC. Has a Chaka Khan feel to it and it sounds great…