Henry Gonzalez

Musician from Colombia, constantly inspired and moved by music and trying to express it in the best way possible, trying to find common souls who get as transformed by music and sound as he does. Music can be a spiritual experience, you just have to find the right one.

Suspirium – Thom Yorke

1 September 2020

I have always felt a certain comfort by listening to this track, there’s like a soft embrace you feel when you close your eyes and listen to it. It feels like you’re floating on air, over a beautiful field of flowers, on a sunny afternoon.

Hectic – Sid Muriel

25 August 2020

You can feel it when you listen to pieces of music like this one, you just know there’s something else to life than this never ending chaos we think we live in, this repetitive motion of births and deaths, despair and joy, violence, disease.

The Curse – Josh Ritter

12 August 2020

When was the last time a song found you? This one found me a couple of weeks ago and I just knew it would be perfect for this playlist…

Les Roseaux – David Grumel

6 August 2020

You go on a path and redirect yourself through life, each time with a new direction. Sometimes life forces you to change, completely…

In The Backseat – Arcade Fire

22 July 2020

It was really hard to choose something fitting to sound right next to “On The Nature Of Daylight”. It took several days of trial and error and finally I chose this song…

On The Nature Of Daylight – Max Richter

14 July 2020

There are few pieces of music who can move me in the way this piece does. It is simply beyond words what music like this can do to you if you simply have something inside that it can awaken.

Kassel – Robot Koch

30 June 2020

This song made a very strong impact on me. But I must recommend you to see the official video on youtube, not only the music is beautiful, it also bears a powerful speech by Jacques Cousteau, talking about our world and mankind, about the immense challenge we have ahead of us in terms of our most immediate survival as a species…

Roads – Portishead

23 June 2020

Have you ever had low moments in your life where you could only stay in bed and listen to a song on a loop? I’ve had some of those over the years, this song joined me on one of them. It takes a very beautiful song for me to enjoy listening to it over and over again…

Hiiipower – Kendrick Lamar

16 June 2020

How do you address such a complex issue as racism? I know wiser people than I have done it and greater people than I have achieved a lot more in their quest for solutions…

Troubleman – Electric Guest

2 June 2020

Simpler times always appeal to our wandering mind…

Split – Lindsay Munroe

26 May 2020

Sometimes the night is a perfect moment to listen to the soul’s cries…

At The Door – The Strokes

6 May 2020

Wisdom is an innate part of our essence, so I’ll try to write this just letting my words flow out of my head while I listen to this song…