Hayden Schutz

Wait – M83

26 October 2017

I would love to just put M83’s whole, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming record in this playlist but if I had to choose one song if would have to be this one.

Although this song comes in at a fairy long runtime of five minutes and forty-three seconds, it only actually contains thirty-seven words. Don’t let that mislead you though, the song doesn’t waste a moment…

La Lune – King Krule

26 October 2017

This cryptic UK musician recently released his third studio album, The OOZ, containing this lo-fi gem which ended off the album beautifully.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what Archy is singing to us about on this brand-new track but that’s nothing out of the ordinary if you’re at all familiar with his music…

North Pole – Injury Reserve

26 October 2017

The hip-hop triad, Injury Reserve, brings the feels with this somber track off their latest EP, Drive It Like It’s Stolen.

Backed by a very stripped back acoustic instrumental, the song begins with Stepa J. Groggs detailing his troubles with trying to find his way in life and his struggles with growing fame…

Otherside – Perfume Genius

26 October 2017

If you don’t get goosebumps from listening to this song then you’re probably not human. The vocals sound like a lo-fi lullaby backed by nothing but a piano that sounds like it’s being played in the distance. Leaving space between these two elements for your mind to weave itself into the parts of the song.

Seigfried – Frank Ocean

23 October 2017

This song perfectly encompasses the essence of this playlist. The simple and spacey instrumental complimented by Frank’s beautiful vocals, take you to a whole other world. Closing your eyes and listening to this song is like a psychedelic trip with no drugs required.