Doran Nelson

Doran Nelson hailing from the Bronx, New York, upon hearing his first rap record, it was love at first listen. At a time when hip hop was still young, fresh and new he began DJing. Initially Inf began blending his father’s soul records with hip hop instrumentals purchased from the local record stores that his pocket change had become so familiar with. Now, amongst a neighborhood following and growing demand, his freestyle mixes suddenly became valued. Spinning heads as well as records, before he knew it, Inf found himself hosting block parties, school dances, talent shows and as he proclaims “wherever there were people and music…so was I.” Naturally, Doran's appreciation for authentic HipHop music has him in the mix of a lot of tastemakers depending on his distinctive taste for up & coming artist. Today Doran is a DJ over at with partner and friend named Doggie Diamonds Tv which airs live every Wednesday night 7-9pm via tunein app under DTF RADIO.

Tick Tock

9 June 2022

Musicto V the Algorithm, featuring artists like: Aldous Harding • Blur • Faye Webster • Little May • Orla Gartland • Mazzy Star • Holy Hive

New Old Soul

12 June 2021

Heart & Soul Of Everything – featuring artists like Curtis Mayfield • James Brown • Baby Huey • Bobby Womack • Issac Hayes • ohioplayers

Kenny Casanova – Akeem Ali

31 May 2021

So This Katt Akeem Tapped into a vibe and sound that only a few can do. Camp Lo, Bruno Mars, Anderson Pakk just to name a few.

Crush N Sprite – Banks Porter ft. Loopy Loop

9 February 2021

Something New From Up and Comer Trapper/Rapper Banks Porter from the gritty streets of the Fordham Road Section of The Bronx.

Bronx Blocks Rmx – DJ Big Inf

29 December 2020

Those Bronx blocks are nothing to play with. Back in the ’80s it was no place to get caught sleeping, if you did, you would most likely not make it home.

Spectacular – JI Cue Smoov3

17 November 2020

Something new from JI Cue Smoov called Spectacular. This starts off with a vibe and it keeps that consistently throughout the whole song.

Bosses Take Losses – Blu Don Julio

22 October 2020

Today we get something new from Blu Don Julio called “Bosses Take Losses” where Julio gets deep and personal and reflects on some bad decisions he made in his life.

Gangsta’s Paradise ft. Retti & Blu Don Julio- DJ Big Inf

14 September 2020

With Production from Dj Chase Inf continues to release banger after banger in 2020.

Whg5pty-Billionaire Burke

8 September 2020

If you have something negative to say about East Harlem or anyone reppin red- Billionaire Burke’s “WhG5pty ” video will make you think twice.

No Mercy- Rell

31 August 2020

Today we get something new from Harlem Spitter Rell with his infectious new single titled “No Mercy” ft. Slayter & Cory Gunz.