Dan Rendine

Brighter Than The Moon – The Color Wild

8 May 2018

Smooth, clean, and pretty only scratch the surface of this indie pop song by The Color Wild. A mesmerizing backing synth and strong passionate vocals from Kyle and Jesse really drive this song into ‘Alt Nation’ caliber stardom.

Guilty Party – The National

17 April 2018

The National are no strangers to writing deep emotional songs, but on this recent single from their latest release they capture feelings not only with lyrics but instrumentation. The minor piano riff that starts the song alone brings heavy feelings and when singer Matt Berninger begins singing everything blends together…

Changes – XXXTentacion

31 March 2018

X’s latest album shows a maturity in his sound and how he’s gone from rapper to artist. Experimenting with different melodies and tones, the sad simple piano beat sets a melancholy vibe throughout.

Rumors – Joywave

31 March 2018

Coming off their debut album (which I highly recommend listening to) ‘How Do You Feel Now?’ Joywave followed up with ‘Content’ which is just as amazing. Songs like ‘It’s a Trip’ and ‘Doubt’ saw some commercial success but (I usually don’t throw this around lightly) really any song from the album could have been a single.

If The Car Besides You Moves Ahead – James Blake

31 March 2018

Sampling different sounds and effects, James Blake does a great job capturing emotion without really providing many lyrics in this track. One of the main things I love about James is his production and knowledge of layers, basically how he can create so much ambience/noise without it sounding too busy.

Paris in the Rain – Lauv

31 March 2018

This track unlike the first one shows a darker somber tone. Masked over by Lauv’s soothing sweet falsetto creates a very melancholy vibe. Not sure if I should cry in my bed or feel inspired about love after listening to this song, but either way I know it’s great.


30 March 2018

This track has a mix of everything you can think of, the self proclaimed “rap boy band” comprised of 14 singers/rappers/producers/engineers resembles a new age Odd Future. Right from the start the beat brings a Pharrell-esque type groove that bounces and the hook’s simple catchy melody makes it near impossible to not sing along to…