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Originally from Seattle, WA, Carah Wes is an LA-based singer-songwriter and lyricist. Before choosing to follow her passion for music, Carah spent most of her time crafting words as an award-winning poet. Her deep connection to and fondness for the written word inspired her to become a strong, poignant lyricist.

Carah takes influences from a wide variety of places; from Troye Sivan to Fleetwood Mac, or The 1975 to Dashboard Confessional, you can be sure that Carah’s music is passionate, emotional and authentic at its core. She believes there is great power in music, and hopes to bring the love to all those who are graced to hear her.

One Night – Hedband & Thorisson

7 November 2018

This song is big hair and legwarmers, bright colors and bold patterns, a taste of the 80’s that is electric and undeniable. This is the hottest themed bar in the city, the DJ playing nothing but retro throwback hits…

Wonder – Just Shad

30 October 2018

This song is purple and blue, deep mysterious colors. This song is bruised up knees, dirty sneakers, a box of cigarettes. This song is your friend who races red lights in his beat up honda civic, dizziness, confusion, confliction, and comfort…

Long Hair – Moontower

16 October 2018

We return to the golden hour this week, a fitting track to come home to. This song is the sun just below the mountains, a shirt that reflects in the warm light. This song is black boots and skinny jeans, growing your hair long and walking down Hollywood Blvd with your headphones in…

Burning Summer- Wyndsrfr

12 September 2018

This song is your college bedroom, midterms creeping up on you, sweat on your forehead and an ache in your shoulders. This song is the rumble in your stomach when you remember you’ve been so busy working you forgot a meal or two…

Before U I Didn’t Exist – FRND

5 September 2018

This song is the touch of someone comforting, the softness of held hands, taking off and running together with reckless abandon. This song is forgetting about everything before that person, letting go of the things that hurt you for the experience right in front of you…

Mama Say (Scavenger Hunt Remix) – Betty Who

21 August 2018

This song is an open window, scaling the roof to get down to your boyfriend’s idle car, where he’s waiting to take you out. Your mom said, firmly, no. But are you going to let that stop you?…

Dollar Bill – Phoebe Ryan

14 August 2018

This song is a fat paycheck, the ability to spend money with absolutely no consequence. This song is a Porsche on Rodeo drive, a sparkling chandelier. This song is a dress with real diamonds on it, imported silks, bottle service every night of the week….

Fever – Lenno

31 July 2018

This week is all about dancing. This song is a light up dance floor, the gentle brush of people moving around you, the way your hair sticks to the back of your neck. This song is about finding the closest thing to heaven, the way a song can touch humans of all walks of life to move…

I Won’t Let You Walk Away – Mako feat. Madison Beer

24 July 2018

If you want to feel what this song is about, you need only listen to the lyrics. Madison sings, in her sweet pop voice, “I got my windows down, getting lost in the breeze, and I feel like I’m causing a fairytale… 

Bad Behavior – The Motion Epic

17 July 2018

The song is a pool at night, the way the lights in the water make the surface look like neon, glowing invitingly. This song is your friends hopping over the fence and sitting on the vinyl beach chairs. This song is the cheap beer you snuck in, and the way the sky looked huge overhead as it spins in your dizzy eyes…

Hot Summer – Heffron Drive

10 July 2018

This song plays in the background of your beach fantasy. This song is the bright red of a lifeguard swimsuit, the smell of coconut lotion and sunscreen, the tingle of a cold drink in your hand. This song is watching the lifeguard’s hips sway side to side, thinking about getting close to them…

Perfume – Natalie Shay

2 July 2018

This song is walking through your high school, holding your books close to your chest. This song is a million prom posters meeting you. This song is checking to make sure your shoes are tied, tapping your pencil in biology. This song is hearing your friends talk all day about who they want to ask them to prom. This song is the fleeting and quiet glances from the girl across the room. Pastel purple, blushing pink…

Science Fiction – Christine and the Queens

26 June 2018

This song is a tasty, new kind of vibe that we haven’t explored a ton on this playlist before. It’s a bright, shiny chrome color, a sparkling navy blue, the color of the night sky. This song is a perfectly choreographed dance routine, tight movements, and tight clothing…

Talk Fast — 5 Seconds of Summer

18 June 2018

This song is your favorite retro bar; the pinball machines chiming in the back of the room, the unbeatable happy hour, the Mrs. Pacman and Space Invaders machines that sit, very well loved, off to the side. This song is a couple beers deep, the bright electronics illuminating an otherwise darkened room…

Drive – Blake Cross

12 June 2018

This song is the buzz of electric lights whizzing past your car as you drive into the city, the warm white glow from your headlights, the electric red sheen of your car. It’s an old car, certainly, but one that’s been with you as long as you’ve been driving. Leather interior seats, air conditioner blowing the summer heat off of your skin.

Wings – Haerts

29 May 2018

This song takes us back to a time of innocence, a soft periwinkle blue, the twinkle of string lights gleaming on a disco ball. This song is a corsage that your parents got you, so you didn’t feel sad that the boy you wanted to ask you to the date didn’t.

Roman Holiday – Halsey

15 May 2018

This song is a dusty orange color, the color of the dust in the desert that surrounds the one lane highway you’re blazing down. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, just that you’re running from the parts of your life you can’t stand.

All Night — Steve Aoki and Lauren Jauregui

8 May 2018

This song is a deep colored silk jacket, pulled from your boyfriend’s shoulders and draped over yours. The slight shift of lace against your hips and ribs as you walk towards where he lays waiting. This song is the waft of your perfume being just as intoxicating as the wine you shared earlier.

Body – Class Jordan

30 April 2018

This song is a subtle pulse, like the feeling of a song from outside the club you’re waiting to get into. This is the gaze of a stranger who wants your attention, the sway of her hips, the way her eyes don’t leave your lips. This song is smooth and cold, a couple shots too many, the spin of the exit sign as you leave with the girl who’s had her eyes on you…

Brighter Than The Moon – The Color Wild

23 April 2018

This week I borrow my words from The Color Wild, as they describe exactly why their track is perfect for this playlist. “This song is driving without direction in the middle of the night, realizing that one person can fill your entire frame of vision…


17 April 2018

This song is a departure from the good feelings of norm. This song is a shining in a dark room, this song is dressed to the nines and a sip of expensive champagne. This song is several bottles of expensive alcohol empty, the smell of cigarettes, and fingers through your lover’s hair.

My My My! – Troye Sivan

10 April 2018

This track is screaming into the night with your lover close behind, a dark red convertible and the wind in your hair, a song playing so loud all you can hear is the boom of subwoofer, and all you can feel is that boom rattling your ribcage…

The Fog – LAYNE

2 April 2018

This song is a dark room, a quiet lover, the breath of another in your ear, whispering secrets. This song is a deep deep red, a lipstick stain on the rim of a cocktail glass, the cherry stem tucked between her teeth…

Strangers – Sigrid

27 March 2018

This song is blushing cheeks in the dark of a cinema, reaching hands to hold, to kiss, to be close. This song is the glow of a screen illuminating young faces, the bravery of a kiss on the cheek, to a soft one on the lips at the end of the night. This song is innocent love, the glow of your entire body after getting a kiss back, running up to your room to call your best friend and tell them all about it…

Love You Like That – Dagny

20 March 2018

This song is a gas station at 4 am with the boyfriend your mom hates buying you cheap chocolates. This song is the dark of night being broken up by the street lights above and the headlights below as you drive off into the desert…

Riding Shotgun – Kygo

13 March 2018

We take a much-needed break from night time and travel into the day; this song is driving down the Pacific Coast with your best friends, blurry polaroids and laughing into the sky, begging your friend not to stick her head out of the window and having her stick her feet out instead, song after song of perfect driving music, forgetting where you came from and even where you’re going…

Underdog – Banks

6 March 2018

This song is an unfaithful lover, champagne and purple lipstick, drinking just enough to give yourself an alibi but not enough to lose control of yourself, black cars and black cards, getting someone else to buy your drinks…

Want You Back — 5 Seconds of Summer

27 February 2018

This song is avoiding your problems and going out on the town, waking up cold and inviting someone in to warm you back up. This song is whisky on the rocks to avoid your ex in the back room, screaming in the car when your friends finally force you to leave, this is a bright painful break up that stings and burns long into the night…

Hillside Boys – Kim Petras

20 February 2018

This song is a cute pop 80s movie, waking up and getting ready for the day in a huge, well-lit bedroom with a white wicker vanity mirror and bubblegum pink everything. This song is 700 layers of bright colors on that somehow work together to pull off a bitchy effervescence…

disco tits – Tove Lo

13 February 2018

This song is too many drinks in a very dark bar, leaning on your friends for support, covered in strobe lights and the beads coming off the disco ball. It’s red lipstick on the hem of your white dress, and wondering how it got there.

F*** Me Up – Virginia To Vegas

8 February 2018

This song feels like the sun coming through the window of your car, taking polaroids with your friends on the drive to Vegas. Like the light in the morning in your penthouse suite, messy hair and a stranger leaving out the front door…

Vintage – Allie X

8 February 2018

Pour some champagne girls, we’re going out tonight. This song is a fleeting romance, dancing in a stretch limo, sparkling wine and the tang of a shot. A glittering gold song that’s just as fresh and glamorous the first time around than it is the hundredth…

Glue – Fickle Friends

8 February 2018

This song is falling in love, warm blushing cheeks and catching eyes. A sweet, pink, nostalgic song that lends itself perfectly to dancing in your apartment with your hairbrush. The rush of a young romance, of kissing behind the bleachers and holding hands. But this song is more than sweet, more than nostalgia, as it dances delicately into a smooth retro vibe that leaves a fizzy aftertaste on your tongue…

When I Was Young – MØ

8 February 2018

Old money, mink coats, caviar, rooftop suites, floating in an enormous pool while a waiter brings you smoothies from the bar. Sunshine, tanned skin, luxury. This song is putting on a stunning outfit and descending a set of stairs to a lavish party below, coming for blood, a poker night at a Vegas casino…

Dirty Sexy Money – David Guetta, Afrojack, French Montana, and Charli XCX

8 February 2018

This is confidence and wild youth poured into one intoxicating cocktail. This is a dark smoking room, with lots of other spirits moving around you. This is sweating until you forget about your shitty ex-boyfriend. A tight dress, your favorite outfit, pulling your hair up and out of your face while you scream up into the smoggy darkened air…