As a dj for over 30 years, its evident i love music.and growing up in Brooklyn in the 70’s and 80’s there was good music all around from the Sound Of Philly to Motown, to Hip-Hop. and the ONE thing that all great music has in common it that it makes you FEEL a certain way. it makes you want to move. and for a lot of Hip-Hop fans and lovers the best movement is the head nod. 

it don’t have to be a slow song to nod to its about the vibe and the energy of the song. all you have to do is FEEL the music. the music will move you. on this playlist there will be a ton of music to nod your head to. from hip-hop to funk, to R&B, and even a few surprises. sit back and enjoy.(you’ll have to get your own neck brace)

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About The Curator - DJ ICEMAN

DJ ICEMAN - Music to Curator

Love for the art and culture of djing is what drives DJ ICEMAN (Robert Anderson) to be one of the best djs in the country. Starting in 1982,Robert Anderson traveled the long and winding road to being a dj. Upon receiving his first dj setup, at the age of 9, DJ ICEMAN has been on a tear and along the way with stops in the United States Navy, various Jobs in the security and corrections fields, time as a chef/cook, and a five year career as a professional MMA fighter, he has become a well rounded person as well as a all around DJ. he is currently a beat makers and Wu-Tang Dj living in Lakewood, Washington. You can learn more here: