Alté is a term in Nigeria we use to describe the new generation of musicians with a new sound, There are a lot of good music out there the world hasn't heard because the artist is not so popular I made this playlist because the world needs to hear them, someone somewhere needs to vibe to this kind of music and this is all for you, this cuts across a lot of genre and music from all over the world.

Creating playlists is something I've always done for the people I care about some might call it a love language, I love seeing how happy people get when they can relate to a playlist or a particular song on it and this is what I want to do on a larger scale bring that happiness and vibe to the rest of the world, helping artists grow and also helping people be happy through music and also inspire people with music

So I must say I'm so happy to present to you a playlist you can vibe to with a cup in your hands while you take those little 1-2 steps before.

Image Credit: Photo by Gades Photography on Unsplash

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About The Curator - Great Ekama

Great Ekama - Music to Curator

Great Ekama is currently a student studying psychology, he hopes to shine more light on mental health and illness, From Delta state Nigeria but based in Lagos Nigeria. He is also a Digital marketer, a Social media manager and Content creator. Here are links to my social media accounts.