Music to The Ocean & Beyond -  Playlist by Musicto

MUSIC TO The Ocean And Beyond

The Ocean and beyond…what images and feelings does it conjure up? Warm sand, generous sun, water rythymic and wild? Maybe a gentle wind, accepting and joining with you as it leaves salt on your skin and in your hair. An open mind, an open heart? The Ocean where does it end? What is down there? The night sky clear and starry, maybe a moon? The daily cycles of renewal exist without hesitation or thought, what would we create in our life, if our hesitation didn’t exist?  To create change in your life you have to…… change…..Recognise small sparkles of curiousity within yourself, take the road less travelled and follow it down the rabbit hole of wonder. 

The playlist includes songs of the Ocean, what you can see and feel from there, sand, birds, sun, salt, wind, stars, moon, and things you cant see (or maybe you can) like far away places, times gone by and possibilities….

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