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It’s my personal testimony of faith. Written and produced by Gary Hines, and the legendary Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in 1991, “Optimistic” embodies an uplifting rhythm of hope and inspiration. As a kid, I hadn’t really faced any major difficulties in life, but I felt a connection with this song through the production, melodies, and positive messaging it conveyed. It wasn’t until my adulthood, when life got real (LOL), did I realize how impactful this song was and is; the lyrics alone can be a powerful affirmation into your life, if you believe!

Sound of Blackness originates out of Minneapolis, MN and represents African-American music from every genre, with messages of inspiration. With a mission of “existing to glorify God and uplift people through the music of the black experience to tell the story of black people;” this track not only personifies the classic production of Jimmy and Terry Lewis but this song was created with the intention of uplifting the listener’s spirit in the face of uncertainty, difficulty, and brokenness. And I can attest that it has and continues to do just that!

Optimistic by the Sounds of Blackness is an essential ingredient for this playlist. A track that encompasses the will of faith during times of strife. An enduring ode to positivity and resilience. What I appreciate most is the universal language of speaking optimism in the face of any adversity. No matter what your race, religion, or ethnicity this song is universally encouraging from the heart. This song doesn’t suggest ignoring your adversities but acknowledging you can overcome any obstacle in life by just believing that you can! As the song states, “you will always pass the test as long as you keep your head to the sky.” That’s it, that’s all you have to do, Be Optimistic!

Optimistic by Sounds of Blackness has ushered into my soul since I was 10 years old. This song has and continues to speak warmth into my soul and that’s why it was essential that I share it with you. Even after 17 years, this song is still ushering in new listeners, if you don’t believe me, just look-up the #optimisticchallenge.

And give it a listen. :)

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About The Curator - Lyris Greene

Lyris Greene - Music to Curator

Lyris Greene is a disk jockey (dj) hailing from Nashville, TN, now residing in Atlanta, Ga. Lyris’s name is derived from the word “lyric”, meaning words of a song. Lyris gravitated to music immediately as a child, influenced by her father’s passion for music. At nine years old, Lyris began collecting her own music collection, discovering and developing her connection with music. Now, Lyris is a full time dj and music curator, spending her days consuming and creating custom music experiences to connect people. Lyris feels her life’s purpose is pretty simple, “To spread love through the art of music.”

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