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Sometimes all you need is a piano and AMAZING vocals! And Tamia doesn’t deliver nothing but amazement on this cover version of DeBarge’s 1983 single “Love Me in a Special Way.” Let’s be clear, any cover of a DeBarge song is no easy task if you truly understand the depth of family talent held between the siblings; but Tamia spotlights the simplicity of just great song writing and heaven sent vocal ability! You cannot go wrong with any version, but I had to spotlight the amazing and underrated vocal talents of Ms. Tamia.

Released on her 2000 album A Nu Day, Tamia a Canadian born singer, producer, and actress sets herself apart from most singers in the 90s and 2000’s with a distinct angelic tone and range. Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Tamia has been a voice to be reckoned with! A student of the greats, such as Quincy Jones Tamia’s vocal ability still stands the test of times to the present, which cannot be said for a lot of vocalists. Personally, I have seen her in concert multiple times over the last fifteen years and she remains one of the very few pure vocalists of this generation.

“Love Me in a Special Way” is one of the best songs I believe that displays her talent but also how she is able to deliver so much emotion within a song with her range! The song begins slowly with Shep Crawford playing the melody of DeBarge’s classic, with Tamia jokingly teasing Shep on how she is about to belt out this tune. And boy does she deliver! One of those tracks, that I belt out alone, because I cannot sing in-tune to save my life! LOL. But one song that I cannot resist singing! I loved this track the moment I heard her cover and I’ve never looked back! Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed! Nothing but warmth on those vocals!

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About The Curator - Lyris Greene

Lyris Greene - Music to Curator

Lyris Greene is a disk jockey (dj) hailing from Nashville, TN, now residing in Atlanta, Ga. Lyris’s name is derived from the word “lyric”, meaning words of a song. Lyris gravitated to music immediately as a child, influenced by her father’s passion for music. At nine years old, Lyris began collecting her own music collection, discovering and developing her connection with music. Now, Lyris is a full time dj and music curator, spending her days consuming and creating custom music experiences to connect people. Lyris feels her life’s purpose is pretty simple, “To spread love through the art of music.”