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A classic deep house/EDM track by English electronic duo Disclosure (brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence) featuring vocals from English singer Sam Smith. Considered a sleeper hit, “Latch” is one of those tunes that I fell in love the first time I heard it, so why not pick this one for Valentines day.  Originally released in 2012, “Latch” sums up the delirious feeling of falling head over heels in love with someone; and in my case that is exactly how I felt and still feel about this song. It’s one of those songs I can keep on repeat for hours just like an obsessed lover! LOL!

The unique thing about this track, is it doesn’t follow the same formula as a lot of EDM/deep house productions. It’s in a 6/8 time which is not the usual 4/4 that most house tracks reside in. It is a soulful track, again not a common characteristic in EDM tracks; this song is very melodic with a jazzy rhythm. Not to mention, when you have a powerful soulful vocalist like Sam Smith on this track it takes to another level leaving you mesmerized. Most vocals on EDM tracks are chopped up and buried in the production, but Sam Smith brings full-bodied vocals on this track that will have you singing at the top of your lungs anywhere you hear it! One reason it is considered a sleeper hit, is because no one including the artists new it was going to take off; it wasn’t the typical deep house track people would expect. It’s one of those tracks that you never knew you needed until you hear it!

Another favorite on this playlist, I promise once you take a listen you will know exactly why this is my pick of the week! Enjoy!

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