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“Strollin’ in the park, watching winter turn to spring
Walkin’ in the dark, seein’ lovers do their thing
That’s the time I feel like making love to you
That’s the time I feel like making dreams come true”

Ahhhh, what better track to kick off the month of April? An ode to the essence of love and the celebration of new beginnings. Feel Like Makin’ Love released in 1974, is one of the songs that instantly puts you in a delightful mood. The moment it begins you are greeted by soft strings and Roberta’s angelic vocals. The track is very light and immediately puts you in a park, literally watching winter turn to spring. It’s one of those 70s soulful tracks that doesn’t have heavy/robust vocals or arrangements, but it’s perfect in it’s simplicity; again, showcasing that universal feeling that everyone can relate to…Love.

Roberta Flack is a true musician and vocalist, her music ranges from jazz, folk, soul, and RnB.  A true class act, she was the daughter of a church organist and started playing piano early enough to get a music scholarship and eventually a degree from Howard University. Roberta Flack was discovered singing at a club by jazz musician Les McCann. Ms. Flack created several hits in the 70’s and made some classic duets with the late great Donny Hathaway and Peabo Bryson; additionally, her music has and continues to be sampled and remade by artists such as Lauryn Hill and Kanye West.

One of those true artists, Feel Like Makin’ Love is just one of the many great tracks by Roberta Flack! I highly recommend you check out this track and her catalog. ;)

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About The Curator - Lyris Greene

Lyris Greene - Music to Curator

Lyris Greene is a disk jockey (dj) hailing from Nashville, TN, now residing in Atlanta, Ga. Lyris’s name is derived from the word “lyric”, meaning words of a song. Lyris gravitated to music immediately as a child, influenced by her father’s passion for music. At nine years old, Lyris began collecting her own music collection, discovering and developing her connection with music. Now, Lyris is a full time dj and music curator, spending her days consuming and creating custom music experiences to connect people. Lyris feels her life’s purpose is pretty simple, “To spread love through the art of music.”