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The sound feels a bit like in the good old 1980's, when love was so much simpler, ha ha. This is one of my favorite 'Empire Of The Sun' songs, it's so romantic, melancholic and dramatic - a couple is fighting, and he tries to get her back. It feels almost like when Prince was trying to get his girl back in Purple Rain and I mean, which women doesn't want that?!

Here in this story the king tries to impress his queen and shows her that he is the strong man, yet still vulnerable. He tries to seduce her and shows her how much he loves her by talking about what he needs and wants from her, how it was back in the days between them and what bounds them together... totally beautiful! So guys, can you do this for us more? - it's so great when you do!

This song contains a weird mix of world music and a reminiscence of 80's bands, like Wham and Tears for Fears; and the melange of guitar, bass and synth keyboard is beyond cool!

Please watch the music video, I love it so much!! The synergy between the singer Luke Steele and the actress and model Teresa Palmer that plays his queen is just mental, the backdrop of New York in winter is just spectacular and the creative costumes are absolutely amazing!! 

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