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California singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Joey Vannucchi grew up on a 40-acre patch of land not too far away from Indian Lakes, a community just outside Yosemite National Park. Access to the internet was sparse and electricity even sparser, and much of his time was spent exploring the nature outside his doorstep. Those unforgettable surroundings — the endless stretches of greenery, glimmering bodies of water, and rising mountains — make their way into his music as From Indian Lakes, especially his latest album, "Everything Feels Better Now". Its 12 tracks draw in elements of indie pop, emo, and folk but there’s a common thread that strings them together as a cohesive piece. The album’s heart is in the rawness of its emotions — everything is presented in its natural state, much like the organic, untouched beauty just beyond his home.

"Sunlight" is the perfect representation of the entire album. It's mood music for the hopeless romantic, overwhelmed by the desire to connect but pining for the confidence to make the first move
. “I think this album is a sort of cleansing in a lot of ways,” Vannucchi explains “I didn’t overthink it, didn’t fix it, just went into a room to see what came out. To be an artist, truly. Flaws and all. I’m really happy with it. I don’t think everyone is so lucky to be able to step out of their comfort zone and be so pleasantly surprised by the outcome.”

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Gabriele Centelli - Music to Curator

I'm a musician, songwriter and a music producer from Italy. I'm a music lover and a real discoverer of new talents. I love create playlists for each moment of my everyday life. I did lots of mixtapes and playlists when I was a teenager, even before the digital and streaming era. Now it’s time to spread my love and passion around to make know the power and the truly therapeutic message of music.

My music project is called Platonick Dive, Check it out: