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The LA-based record label WEDIDIT has been carefully nurturing the underground narcotized rap sound since long time. Label co-founder D33J has now stepped out from behind the boards this past month to release his newest mixtape 'Infinity 33' – flexing his own vocal muscle while still handling the full production of the project, including featirunf with modern hip-hop acts like Lil Yachty, Yung Lean, A$AP Nast, Swoosh God and fellow WEDIDIT co-founder Shlohmo. 

A prolific producer in his own right, D33J channeled his emotions into the production of each track. Upon listening it's clear that the artist had injected a piece of himself into the songwriting and lyric writing—drawing inspiration from past relationships, personal anxieties and a welcomed case of perpetual depression. 

Infinity 33 is D33J at his most versatile yet. The mixtape is not only a testament to his ability to produce hard-hitting atmospheric beats that propel artists out of their comfort zones, but it introduces us to the producer as a vocalist, solidifying him as a rapper to look out for in the near future.

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