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Californian duo slenderbodies offer a multi-sensory experience in, 'anemone' taken from their EP 'Fabulist'. 

They introduce themselves to any new fans with a bio that quite simply reads "indie-pop duo obsessed with falsetto”.

Breathtaking guitar picking marks the start of the track, before slenderbodies immerse their listener in aquatic sonic flourishes, displaying all the colour and versatility of the hidden water-dwellers that lurk in the murky depths of our seas. Infact the track is an eclectic blend of  natural and melodic noises cleverly layered to simulate the feeling of pure, oceanic, bliss.

The duo creates spellbinding tracks that will cause a mini rapture in your head. It’s possibly their clever and attractive way of using falsetto and bubbly guitar licks that attracted us most. “I like it better underwater,” sings the vocalist, and it’s probably one of the few coherent phrases we could decipher amidst the sea of quirky ba-du-dee-dum lyrics.

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About The Curator - Gabriele Centelli

Gabriele Centelli - Music to Curator

I'm a musician, songwriter and a music producer from Italy. I'm a music lover and a real discoverer of new talents. I love create playlists for each moment of my everyday life. I did lots of mixtapes and playlists when I was a teenager, even before the digital and streaming era. Now it’s time to spread my love and passion around to make know the power and the truly therapeutic message of music.

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