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Ive gotten a chance to watch quite a few interviews with Lil Yachty, and I have to say I’ve be really impressed with how he seems to stick to his guns on what he wants as a artist. I remember him going through a bit of back and forth with veteran rapper Joe Budden and one of the things that seemed to be evident was no matter what he was asked he felt he had his way of doing music and everything to come with it and no one could change that.

This new generation of hip hop may not be for everyone but one thing is for sure. If you are looking for diversity you can find it in a record like “Forever Young” from Lil Yachty. Yes he uses the autotune effect that has been used a lot in hip hop as of late, but his selection of using production with a Caribbean sound and his delivery on this record is for sure worth giving a really good listen to.

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About the Curator: Adrian “Science”  Robinson

Adrian "Science" Robinson - Musicto Curator

Adrian “Science”  Robinson is a producer, audio engineer, & artist manager who has a love for music that stems from a family long history of singing and dancing.  He attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida for music & video production, and later worked very close with one of Florida’s major independent record labels.  He has lots of fond memories old and new that seems to tie in with many songs, and loves to share them with others. After working with multiple recording studios, independent labels, & internet radio stations, he moved on to publishing music for independent artist in the independent music community. 

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