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See time passes by those who tend to procrastinate and not get their daily goals accomplished. The first verse was just a major play this shyt over again Bullet holes thru the pillow case who slept to death? Not Me.. We Up working late and getting up early to handle business that's the life of an entrepreneur.

If you love Jazz music and saxophones like me this track is for you. Late at night when i wanna just vibe and take a shot of my Kraken (no Chaser) and be  thinking bout my life... this one of those songs that throw me back into my college dazes. Everything i learned there was an asset to my life It happened over an extended period of time one thing you loose money if you chase women but on the flipside you never loose women chasing money.

Shout out to Statik Selektah cause the instrumental is hella fire. The melody itself just keeps me on edge a constant reminder to never procrastinate and always find a way to matriculate through tough situations in life. Cousin Stizz comes thru wit some real life bars. You don't like how you living you got to get up and do something about it.  Time management is key, keep sleeping on your dreams and they gone die.     

If there ever are bullet holes in my pillow case believe me i wasn't even there. Who Slept To Death?

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Markyse Holmes  - Music to Curator

Markyse Holmes is a CEO , artist, promoter, and producer from Mississippi.  You can learn more at:  https://fanburst.com/neversoberganghbc