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The summer just hit and what I like is that Cardi B drops another hit with a summer Latino feel. What I like about the song is the instrumental especially the summertime vibe and the trumpets because as soon as the song comes on it’s it’s like you better believe me when I tell ya you can drink to this!

Her first verse discusses what she likes Dollars,Diamonds, flashy cars and getting money. As well as that summer fling sensation if you know what I mean.. and sundress season is in too. From a female’s perspective she lets it be known what she noticed & likes to be called when she walks by.

The second verse is by Bad Bunny he talks mainly about the clothes and women he likes  especially the Colombians and the Dominicans but he shouts out a few more as well his verse is in Spanish but to me it just makes the song more authentic and ethnic I love it.

The last verse is by J Balvin his verse is in Spanish as well he speaks on enjoying life and fashion my favorite part of his verse is when he say” The one who looks suffers nd the one who touches enjoys” Now that’s definitely worthy of a shot. 

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