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Ana Clara – Music to Curator Interview

Hello, my name is Ana Clara and I live in Palmas, Tocantins, Brazil. I am a lawyer, a writer/blogger/copywriter and a songwriter! …

Cormac McGee – Music to Curator Interview

I’m Cormac McGee, from Toronto, Canada. Similar to many folks in the music industry, I’ve got a few different gigs. I do some concert production and promotion, artist management and DJing, and help run The Music Den: An incubator for musical entrepreneurs based at Ryerson University. 

An Interview With Year of October by Rodrigo Medrano

Welcome Again to this section where bands/artists that submitted their song, have a little interview to more about them and make their week more informative apart from the awesome videos.

I normally try to introduce the band giving some info about them, but with these questions we have plenty data of the to be introduced, know them better and love them. So, let’s start with the interview.

Curator Interview: Big inf – Music to Rep New York

1) Who is Big inf

Big Inf is a Emcee/dj.curator who currently has a New Album called New industry in all Digital music platforms

An Interview With Dylan Dunlap by Rodrigo Medrano

Dylan Dunlap released his new EP “Feels Right at Home” almost two months ago. His past EPs and Album shows all the potential of this 21 year old multi-instrumentalist, but more importantly they show his way of singing about life and his way of verbalising himself to the world. This is why I think he’s a perfect example of the idea of Music To Open Another Door.