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Sunshine – Alice in Chains

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Safe Landing 1 – music2work2

This track was the original inspiration for the entire playlist.  Actually the original idea had been kicked around a few years back and I had worked up a theme at the time but when i came back to it it didn’t really resonate.

Go – Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers have come up with an instantly like able, contemporary, poppy anthem with an insanely catchy rolling bass-line and 90s computer game style synths. Add to that the relentless rapping of Q-Tip and you’ve got a song that will have you moving in no time.

Castigadas En El Granero – Hinds

I first discovered the Madrid rock band Hinds (then known as Deers) while living abroad. My years in Spain were spent teaching English and I was charmed by the talent, style and rebellious nature of the Spanish youth. Hinds is no exception and reminds me of the inspiration that my students constantly gave me.