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Music to Kiss The Sun
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This song revolves around a situation where the protagonist realises he's a part of a simulated world. He tries to convince his lover that they are simulations . He somehow feels like he's a bug in the system and goes to extreme lengths to prove it.

He ends up cutting his hand but he doesn't bleed at all. This proves his doubts. The song ends on a positive note where he realises there's nothing he can do about it. He embraces the simulation but in a bittersweet twist his lover goes missing possibly because the simulation is being refreshed. 

This song breaks the conventional approach to pop and uses breaks and progressive rock influences. It has a cinematic feel to it with a filling drum groove and at the same time synthesisers are in full bloom. Guitar, ukulele and piano are seen in track which add to the natural feel.

This song has so much creativity and originality. The vocals fit very well over the spacey vibe of the guitars and beat.

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