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"This song is special for a lot of reasons, least of which are the story and the message. Freedom is about how the children of addicts often have to be the adult in the relationship. The song empathizes with the addict while still claiming and recognizing the pain that they have caused.”

“With my music, I just want to make things that help people heal and feel more free, so I try to tell stories about things that are reflective of real life.The song has a massive chorus, memorable verses and pre-choruses, a very musical bridge and lots of crossover potential. The song is an alt-pop banger with an unbeatable vibe."

I love the vocals on this track. She has such a beautiful voice and the harmonies line up so well. Not much to say about this track because its just that good. Give it a listen!

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Who am I, you ask? I am just your average jim with a passion for playing and listening to music. I bring to you the best of the best, the songs that will stop time itself, bring you to the present moment, and provide your daily requirement of aesthetic chills. Please enjoy.

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