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This song is so easy going and tells such a great story. It has a Mac Demarco, Twin Peaks, The Districts sound to it which I absolutely love. 

"So this track, "Cool God", is the first single off an album I'm releasing this coming February, and its one of my personal favorites off the whole album. The song is a conversation between me and God, poking fun at several tenets of Catholic faith: afterlife, repentance, and creation among others. I grew up going to Catholic school K-12 and then left that universe for the non-denominational mecca that is Berkeley, CA for college. There I developed my own spiritual philosophy and seemed to drift away from my traditional Catholic upbringing. In that sense, this song is a satire. I'm in no way hating on Catholic beliefs, I'm simply satirizing them in a way that I believe makes a fun and interesting listen for all listeners of all faiths (except maybe evangelical christians, not the best sense of humor). 

I believe the strongest part and my favorite part of the song comes in the ending section before the final chorus. At 2:54, the beefed-up doubled vocal line boosts the listener right out of the instrumental section into my favorite lyrics of the song: "Do you ever take breaks and burn one down // with Mr. JFK, and tell him how // you knew his killer, but mistook him for a good man?" Jabbing at the belief that God sees the past, present and future all as one, unlike how we view time in a linear manner (past then present then future), these lyrics question God's morality and/or ability to remove himself from his work, just as most do when they clock out at 5 pm after a long day of button mashing.

The arrangement behind this song is full, lively, unexpected, and gets you singing along, tapping your foot, or both. With Gregory Ackerman on bass, Andrew Jones (of Rey Fresco) on percussion, and the Fedronic brothers (of More Fatter) on brass, "Cool God" carries the listener from start to finish. I really hope you enjoy the tune, I went through all your playlists at Musicto and thought this would be the best fit for Cool God, but if you enjoy the song and think it belongs on another, by all means, go for it!"

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