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"I think the idea of "soulmates" is a bit cheesy, and probably naive; being born as one half of a puzzle in a box with a billion pieces is romantic sure, but it's also terrifying. How could you possibly find the one you're destined for? They could be halfway across the world, or worse still, born a thousand years before you, or not yet alive while you're on the earth. If there's a system to all this, it seems difficult to spot. 

I'm a bit cheesy, and probably a lot naive. This is a song written from the perspective of those who don't think there's a system, and those who know that there is. Its called "Caveman"."

I love the easy feeing and soulful guitar strumming in this song. The warm vocals fit so well. I love the idea behind the song and not to mention the awesome artwork. I could not find any social links for Dean & the Dagumn Space Villans, which adds that much more mysteriousness to the song. 


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