Best of Summer 2018

Summer! Sun! Hell Yeah!

This playlist consisting of 40 tracks is hand selected by Music to curators from all over the globe.

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Matt Jenko - Music to Curator
Himalaya - Ellipsis
Music to Save The World
Curated by Matt Jenko
This isn’t just the playlist you want. It’s the playlist you deserve. Learn more about this playlist here.
Doran Nelson - Music to Curator
Sade - BigInf
Music to Rep New York
Curated by Doran Nelson
Up & coming as well as established NY artist are doing for the New York Hip Hop scene.Learn more about this playlist here.
Kara Bean - Music to Curator
Hot Summer - Heffron Drive
Music to Bleed Neon
Curated by Kara Bean
You've got colors and lights inside you, this is music to bleed neon to.Learn more about this playlist here.
Hiram López - Music to Curator
Wander With Me - Tom Misch
Music to Follow Dreams
Curated by Hiram López
Desde lo acústico hasta lo alternativo, Folk a Electro Pop, Banda o solista, Clásico o nuevo.Learn more about this playlist here.
Nikola Batinic - Music to Curator
After The Storm - Kali Uchis
Music to Get Addicted To
Curated by Nikola Batinic
Most songs will be a mix of hip-hop, r&b, and trap, but ultimately can be a part of any genre.Learn more about this playlist here.
Belinda M. - Music to Curator
Let It In - Jeff Bryant
Music to Save A Lost Soul
Curated by Belinda M.
Soulful music for all of us that have a tiny voice inside our heads that sometimes says "You're not good enough"... Learn more about this playlist here.
Erin Murray - Music to Curator
Ai Ga Bani - Ali Farka Toure, Toumani Diabaté
Music to The Ocean & Beyond
Curated by Erin Murray
Songs of the ocean, water, wild and free and maybe some songs of the moon and stars.Learn more about this playlist here.
Becky Welch - Music to Curator
Therapy - Kristen
Music to Love your Commute
Curated by Becky Welch
These are songs I love listening to while driving. Because who wants to make themselves miserable with a boring commute every day?Learn more about this playlist here.
Russell Science Robinson - Music to Curator
GG (feat.A Boogie Wit da Hoodie) - YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Music to Taste The South
Curated by Russell "Science" Robinson
Southern playalistic generation of Outkast, or 8 Ball & MJG, to the new wave sound of Kodak Black or Rae Sremmurd.Learn more about this playlist here.
Noka Agudah - Music to Curator
Rock Your Body - Burna Boy
Music to Vibe To
Curated by Noka Agudah
An eclectic mix from Brooklyn to Accra, London to Lagos - you get the gist!Learn more about this playlist here.
Johnathan Fludd - Music to Curator
Doses & Mimosas - Cherub
Music to Procrastinate To
Curated by Johnathan Fludd
Collection of the most chill and relaxing electronic and alternative tracks I could find..Learn more about this playlist here.
James Nickele - Music to Curator
This Must Be The Place - Sure Sure
Music to Surf Naked On The Sun
Curated by James Nickele
This playlist is your channel to creativity and freedom of artistic expression.Learn more about this playlist here.
Andrew McCluskey - Music to Curator
Two Hearts - Cathal Flaherty
Music to Grieve To
Curated by Andrew McCluskey
Sad and emotional tracks to make you feel better!Learn more about this playlist here.
Rodrigo Medrano - Music to Curator
Time Won't Wait - Jamiroquai
Music to Open Another Door
Curated by Rodrigo Medrano
Good music connected through a groove, not following what the majority says and getting the best from each song.Learn more about this playlist here.
Ashlee Villasenor - Music to Curator
Love At First Sight - The Brobecks
Music to Go To The Moon
Curated by Ashlee Villasenor
For daydreamers, those individuals who need an escape from everything and everyone and who would much rather be lost in their thoughts.Learn more about this playlist here.
Daevon Bryant - Music to Curator
Boca Raton (With A$AP Ferg) - Bas
Music to Bridge The Gap
Curated by Daevon Bryant
Music to Bridge the Gap connects the younger with the older generations of Hip Hop.Learn more about this playlist here.
Jesse Albrecht - Music to Curator
Ouroboros - Morosity
Music to Question Existence
Curated by Jesse Albrecht
An eclectic mix of existential tunes to arouse your psyche and stare down your third eye..Learn more about this playlist here.
Markyse Holmes - Music to Curator
Clap - KY$E SOSA
Music to Take Shot & Toke Bongs
Curated by Markyse Holmes
Take Shots & Toke Bongs gotcha covered with the best of today’s latest and greatest party jams. I hope you got a high tolerance.Learn more about this playlist here.
Chris Mccann - Music to Curator
I Shot the Sheriff - Union Avenue
Music to Burn A Million Miles
Curated by Chris Mccann
Round up your hip flask and a fresh pack of Lucky's, cause we goin' on a Road Trip.Learn more about this playlist here.
Aarushi Aggarwal - Music to Curator
Koop Island Blues - Koop
Music to Be Alive To
Curated by Aarushi Aggarwal
Put on this playlist to find the right song for every emotion, and to feel truly alive.Learn more about this playlist here.
Glenn McCrary - Music to Curator
Desire - Years & Years
Music to Get Wild
Curated by Glenn McCrary
Grab a fella, grab a lady or grab a friend and Prepare to "Get Wild"!Learn more about this playlist here.
Vranko Magas - Music to Curator
The Combine - John Maus
Music to A Strange Night
Curated by Vranko Magas
Las canciones como únicos guías. Las canciones como mundos con sus propias reglas. Las canciones como espejos de nuestras experiencias.Learn more about this playlist here.
Ada Bayramoglu - Music to Curator
Nargile - Gaye Su Akyol
Music to Cross The Bosphorus
Curated by Ada Bayramoglu
New Wave Turkish Psychedelic Music - Cross the Bosphorus while sipping your "raki"!Learn more about this playlist here.
Sonya Alexander - Music to Curator
Dancing In The Moonlight - King Harvest
Music to Dance Barefoot In The Grass
Curated by Sonya Alexander
Let your hair down and get footloose and fancy free. No decade symbolizes freedom more than the 70s.Learn more about this playlist here.
Jordan Yutan - Music to Curator
Dancing In The Moonlight - Toploader
Music to Remember Your Twenties
Curated by Jordan Yutan
A playlist that will help you fully articulate the entire spectrum of human emotion.Learn more about this playlist here.
Cam Bigelow - Music to Curator
Music to Practice Yoga
Curated by Cam Bigelow
These are the songs I look for when putting together a yoga playlist for my students.Learn more about this playlist here.
Richard Parsons - Music to Curator
Brothers & Sisters - Bongmaster inc
Music to Blow Smoke Rings Across The Floor
Curated by Richard Parsons
Kick-back time; the drink’s primed; the politically incorrect smoke lies ready to hand.Learn more about this playlist here.
Cormac McGee - Music to Curator
Bed Peace - Jhene Aiko
Music to Catch Feelings
Curated by Cormac McGee
Contemporary R&B with a dash of old school, jazz, soul and funk songs about loversLearn more about this playlist here.
Tommi Tikka - Music to Curator
The World Stopped Turning - The Oho
Music to Celebrate Life
Curated by Tommi Tikka
Tracks that reflect the joys and pains of existence with strong vocals and compelling melodic structuresLearn more about this playlist here.
Ana Clara Ribeiro - Music to Curator
Love and Peace (feat.Jeon Inkwon) - MFBTY
Music to Dali & Jay-Z Lovers
Curated by Ana Clara Ribeiro
A soundtrack for an art gallery located in the ghetto streets.Learn more about this playlist here.
Jon Ewing - Music to Curator
99 Red Balloons - Nena
Music to Fight Evil
Curated by Jon Ewing
Tracks from 50 years of protest, by way of a lot of anger and a little love.Learn more about this playlist here.
Igor Longhi - Music to Curator
Growing Up - Igor Longhi
Music to Love Piano
Curated by Igor Longhi
Let the pretty piano music transport you to a place of beauty, simplicity and gentle calm.Learn more about this playlist here.
Caitlin Moss - Music to Curator
Thinking Of You - Lord Echo
Music to Forget your Troubles
Curated by Caitlin Moss
Escape from everyday life with timeless, head-nodding grooves, rich sounds, and universal lyrics.Learn more about this playlist here.
Jake Greenstein - Music to Curator
Let Me Do My Thing - Hot 8 Brass Band
Music to Impress Your Date
Curated by Jake Greenstein
Music taste as an art form, as an essential part of your personality, as your poetry or your painting.Learn more about this playlist here.
AK Rockefeller - Music to Curator
Strike Gently - Big Inf
Music to Satisfy your Inner Jellyfish
Curated by AK Rockefeller
Tune in to our channel, and hear the message of freedom and equality in the most favored music of our jellyfish.Learn more about this playlist here.
Evan Lesniak - Music to Curator
Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) - The Beach Boys
Music to Simp To
Curated by Evan Lesniak
Mostly classic sounds with a tinge of 90's angst, this playlist is carefully curated to ensure you have the most cathartic experience possible.Learn more about this playlist here.
Dithekgo Mogadime - Music to Curator
infinity (888) - XXXTENTACION
Music to Put The Soul Into Hip Hop
Curated by Dithekgo Mogadime
A playlist that compiles old and new Hip-Hop songs that derive notions of Soul.Learn more about this playlist here.
Henry Gonzalez - Music to Curator
The Depths - Interpol
Music to Stay Up Late
Curated by Henry Gonzalez
Sit back and relax and let the music join you on your nights.Learn more about this playlist here.

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