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First let me start off by saying I’m sorry this took me so long. I just felt it was a little too on the nose, but it just needs to be on the playlist. The whole idea for this playlist started with this song, after all. Plus, my coffee table is toppling over with Vogue magazines and books. When I pitched this playlist, I wrote about the scene in the Devil Wears Prada where Anne Hathaway goes through her makeover and walks the city streets on her way to work in all her new couture looks. A beautiful scene that many women aspire to. Fashionable, confident, VOGUE. 

The film, which has Meryl Streep play Anna Wintour better than Anna could play herself, tries to explain the difficulty of balancing who you are and who people need and expect you to be. It’s about not selling yourself to the devil. Although I personally have some issues with this movie (why does she need to apologize to him for working hard and beginning to take an interest in something new? And does she move to Boston after basically getting a new job in NYC? Why should she move for him? If the writers and producers of The Devil Wears Prada ever read this, please email me with answers), these issues can be overlooked simply for this Vogue scene. While I agree with the movie’s message of being true to who you are, I also think there’s nothing wrong with evolving and trying to expand your horizons. 

Fashionable, confident, VOGUE. That’s what this song elicits and that’s why it’s an obvious pick. Vogue is the most famous magazine in the world and the most expensive to produce which is why the song makes you feel expensive, famous, and untouchable. If you’re anything like me, on the day that your shoes sort of match your shirt, start your commute with this song and you won’t be sorry. Work that confidence!

Fun Fact: Emily Blunt's (who plays Emily in the movie) brother-in-law is Stanley Tucci (who plays Nigel in the movie)

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About The Curator - Lili Gelfand

Lili Gelfand - Music to Curator

A born and raised New Yorker, Lili Gelfand grew up watching old movies with her father, a producer, director, and writer for film and television. Growing up, Lili got to experience set life constantly. Her admiration and love for the art deepened as she studied Film Production in Boston at Emerson College. 

After graduating, she followed in her father’s footsteps by beginning a freelance career in the entertainment industry. Lili has worked as a writer’s assistant, wardrobe/stylist assistant, script coordinator, and associate producer for Bravo, Comedy Central, and BET. 

Lili’s passion is music in film. She plays the piano and the ukulele and constantly listens to movie scores and soundtracks. Other passions include babysitting, decorating her apartment, and playing the Sims.