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A man after my own heart, Jordan Peele loves to create movies with hidden meanings that are thought-provoking and intentional. In film school, we were always told that there’s a reason for everything in a film, accidents don’t happen. Jordan Peele takes that to another level, making sure to leave easter eggs and clues throughout his films. I am not a fan of scary films, but I love a movie that makes me think and I love psychological thrillers. When Get Out came out, I was beyond inspired by Jordan Peele’s ability to mix horror, psychological thriller, and comedy to make a piece of work that speaks on so many different levels. It comments on society, race issues, but it’s also fun and exciting, and when watching a second time, you start to understand all the subtle messages he leaves. Us, similar to Get Out, definitely makes you think. Although it has a bit more gore to it, and a few more plot holes, you will leave the theater thinking… what does it all mean?

One of Jordan Peele’s choices that makes this film special is the music (this is a playlist piece after-all). Have you ever tried watching a movie without the music, especially a scary movie? It just doesn’t work. It’s not scary anymore...

Okay, it’s still a little scary, but without the music, a huge part of the suspense is lifted. The way music in a scary music stops and starts so suddenly, the speed the music plays at and changes to and from. Take, for example, the Jaws theme song. It gets faster and faster, louder and louder, until BANG, you are jolted out of your seat. Or, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross’ Gone Girl song Consummation, which slowly builds until it suddenly stops after the big murder takes place. 

There is nothing like a good song during a suspenseful moment. Jordan Peele does not forget his horror movie history with I Got 5 On It (Tethered Mix from Us) by Michael Abels, who did the Get Out score, remixed from Luniz’s song I Got 5 On It ft. Michael Marshall. Both the film and the trailer use this genius remix, that hits at all the right moments. It also gives you a feeling of power when you walk down the street to it. Almost as if you’re The Dark Knight in Gotham City or one of the characters in Us ready to knock out anything that gets in your way. 

Because this song is so short, I added a couple other great songs from the score, all by Michael Abels. My trend lately seems to be more determined, powerful songs instead of bubbly, pop. As much fun as those songs are, sometimes you need a little edge for the mood you’re in. You can be the person who listens to both Ariana Grande and something a little darker, don’t let anyone tell you that you have to pick one or the other. Be bold, be daring, and be powerful while you strut to this score.

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About The Curator - Lili Gelfand

Lili Gelfand - Music to Curator

A born and raised New Yorker, Lili Gelfand grew up watching old movies with her father, a producer, director, and writer for film and television. Growing up, Lili got to experience set life constantly. Her admiration and love for the art deepened as she studied Film Production in Boston at Emerson College. 

After graduating, she followed in her father’s footsteps by beginning a freelance career in the entertainment industry. Lili has worked as a writer’s assistant, wardrobe/stylist assistant, script coordinator, and associate producer for Bravo, Comedy Central, and BET. 

Lili’s passion is music in film. She plays the piano and the ukulele and constantly listens to movie scores and soundtracks. Other passions include babysitting, decorating her apartment, and playing the Sims.