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Sometimes, I get stuck in the past. I replay moments, looking for closure or signs or anything to bring those moments back. When you lose someone, physically or emotionally, you tend to go back to the past a lot. Eventually, you move forward, and start living in the present but every once in a while, you're pulled back. When there’s a lack of closure, it acts like an anchor. You swim forward and make it a few feet, only to be yanked back. The people who pull you back are your anchor. Thoughts of that person never leave you. Drift is one of many songs that help me feel everything when I go back to the past. The lyrics about the love you have for someone being so strong, it drowns you, and yet you don’t fight it. When you’re alone with your thoughts and suddenly, after so long of not thinking about them, they pop into your mind: 

I only miss you when the sun goes down, 

oh your voice is my favorite sound

You're like a wave washing over me

Pulling me underneath

Sinking slowly

You're like a wave washing over me

I'll stay underneath

Drifting slowly

Alina was raised by Russian parents in Ohio and has said she always doubted her singing talent because she couldn't belt out notes but then discovered tone after listening to Corinne Bailey Rae. She moved to California to pursue a singing career with the support of her mother. She began working with Galimatias, a Danish artist who moved to Los Angeles. The two created the album Urban Flora together which is filled with songs that transport you to another place. The two have also created another favorite song of mine, Fantasy, off of the same album. These two songs, while transporting you to another place and time, are also perfect for cruising down the PCH with the windows down and your hand weaving the air out the window. 

While some may think it’s bad to live in the past, sometimes it just feels so good to revisit it. Don’t hold back. When you can’t get that person off your mind, but still need to get to work, throw on this track. I promise, it’ll be hard not to weave in and out of people while walking down the street; it’ll be hard not to stop dead in the the middle of the street and dance, not to sing the lyrics out loud. Because of the slow pace and sensual sounds, you’ll feel sexy and confident. 

You’re welcome. 

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About The Curator - Lili Gelfand

Lili Gelfand - Music to Curator

A born and raised New Yorker, Lili Gelfand grew up watching old movies with her father, a producer, director, and writer for film and television. Growing up, Lili got to experience set life constantly. Her admiration and love for the art deepened as she studied Film Production in Boston at Emerson College. 

After graduating, she followed in her father’s footsteps by beginning a freelance career in the entertainment industry. Lili has worked as a writer’s assistant, wardrobe/stylist assistant, script coordinator, and associate producer for Bravo, Comedy Central, and BET. 

Lili’s passion is music in film. She plays the piano and the ukulele and constantly listens to movie scores and soundtracks. Other passions include babysitting, decorating her apartment, and playing the Sims.