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Music to Stay Up Late At Night
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There’s a beautiful atmosphere to this song, it builds around a short segment with a lovely melody and starts bringing variations in texture and color, every time it begins again it continues to grow, without ever exceeding its own character, its own deep sense of peacefulness.

I have dear memories around the time I first listened to this song, about nine years ago, when life seemed simpler and I felt full of hopes for the future. It’s not like I have lost hope but I used to be much less concerned about the future back then, or at least my concerns didn’t involve such stressful things as now, I think.

On second thought, I realize I need to remember the importance of not idealizing the past and acknowledge that every part of it had its own suffering and worries, which always seemed large enough at the time, so maybe it’s more important to cherish the good moments of the present and remember them fondly in the future, just like what happens to me every time I hear this beautiful music.

I think I can keep enjoying what this song makes me feel and not always associate it with those times, it could become a timeless time capsule beyond the limits of memory. Besides, it has always had the power of becoming a small parenthesis between all the haste and worries of life.

I hope you enjoy this beauty.

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Henry Gonzalez - Music to Curator

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