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Music to Stay Up Late At Night
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Cycles end, lives end as well, cycles begin, lives begin. We cherish life as much as we can without full consciousness of the immensity of the task we're embarking on and the incredible courage it takes to actually live.

We forget that existing is our biggest triumph, that there's nothing to achieve, nothing to get done beyond being, just truly being ourselves, our purest selves.

And lives end, every day, immerse in the big mist of mystery of meaning, we struggle, coughing our minds off to understand that being ourselves means letting go, of the past and the future.

We attempt to exist, and that's when we fail, we need no effort, no action, nothing, we're already here!

It's difficult, but it's so simple. Like life. We just need to let go, but we keep hanging on to it. There's no point and no need.

Let go.

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About the Curator - Henry Gonzalez 

Henry Gonzalez - Music to Curator

Musician from Colombia, constantly inspired and moved by music and trying to express it in the best way posible, trying to find common souls who get as transformed by music and sound as he does.

Music can be a spiritual experience, you just have to find the right one.