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Music to Stay Up Late At Night
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Silence is so important to the soul. We are born from silence and we return to silence after we perish, our lives are just a sequence of ripples among a sea of silence. Sometimes it's more important to let the sound disappear inside your heart to let the true sound of the universe fill your thoughts and emotions.

This is the final song from a small triptych of vocal arrangements we had on the playlist, starting with Rosalía's NANA, followed by Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek and ending with both "Lindisfarnes" by James Blake.

The expressive potential of the human voice is not only not lost among these electronic effects but it's amplified, it gives us a special feeling only our times can portrait, it gives us a different kind of nostalgia, driven by the anxiety of the future and the uncertainty of our condition as human beings.

Silence, may we all remember silence and its crucial importance to our existence.

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About the Curator - Henry Gonzalez 

Henry Gonzalez - Music to Curator

Musician from Colombia, constantly inspired and moved by music and trying to express it in the best way posible, trying to find common souls who get as transformed by music and sound as he does.

Music can be a spiritual experience, you just have to find the right one.