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Music to Stay Up Late At Night
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This week on the playlist we have another submitted track, another one of the many wonderful works made by many talented artists that you submit to us on a daily basis on

Ezzyland's "idlu" is a wonderful game of mixed emotions, it has a light atmosphere, even a little playful, but it also feels a little bit sad.

The whole theme of the song sounds very innocent, it feels like a young lover's quarrel but something that's easily resolved, like when you can't stay mad at someone for a long time.

Enjoy the unique feeling this song portrays; its beautiful instrumental outro fills silent nights like only special music can.

You can learn more Ezzyland here:

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About the Curator - Henry Gonzalez 

Henry Gonzalez - Music to Curator

Musician from Colombia, constantly inspired and moved by music and trying to express it in the best way posible, trying to find common souls who get as transformed by music and sound as he does.

Music can be a spiritual experience, you just have to find the right one.