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"Unforgettable", definitely a fitting name for this powerful track by New York City's own French Montana. French does his thing with witty rapping and Swae Lee provides smooth singing/vocals. The song comes on and the mood is immediately felt. Music with a great feel, this track has become very popular across the globe. I would say this is the record that took French Montana from a popular U.S. rapper to an international force.

French is an artist under P Diddys "Bad Boy Records" umbrella. Aside from this he has his own crew known as "Coke Boys". I first heard this track on the radio and was caught of guard with how global it sounded. French usually enlists producer Harry Fraud on most of his projects, but production on this particular song was done by producers Jaegen, 1 Mind and CP Dubb.

French is of Moroccan descent which would explain why he chose this style of beat to jump on. His inspiration was visiting Uganda and meeting larger than life children who are less fortunate. French also spent time with them and featured them dancing and having a great time to the song.

I think this record is a GO, and would actually be a great first song for almost any rap/hip hop playlists.

Play this track when your soul is happy for the simple fact it is very uplifting and far from a laid back depressing song. If Ever in a bad mood this track will give you a moment to escape. The song can pretty much be played by anyone regardless of age. It's pretty clean and far from the vulgar stereotype sometimes associated with rap songs. Shout out to French Montana on this one. Excellent Choice of hip hop in my book. #Musictosoundtracksouls

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