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Added to the playlist this week is a classic throwback. "Tender Love" by Force Md's is a smooth soulful joint many might remember. 

The group consisted of 5 members and was formed in Staten Island NY in 1981. This particular song is considered to be a "Quiet Storm" Classic, and they are major forerunners of the New Jack Swing era which is often noted as one of the best eras in music. The "Md's" in the groups name stands for musical diversity. 

The group was one of the first to incorporate Doo-Wop singing over hip hop beats. The members are brothers: Stevie D, Antoine Lundy and Rodney Lundy, and their uncle Jessie Lee Daniels. Later, friends Trisco Pierson and Charles Nelson would join the group. There was also another member Shawn Waters at one point. 

This song was on the groups second album in 1985 and was written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis who were extremely popular at the time working with many acts helping them gain stardom. 

A lot of youngsters wont know this tune, but anybody that loves music will appreciate this classic record. This is something you play when you want that romantic vibe... laid up with the one you wanna be with. Y'all Enjoy this throwback. Catch you next time.... Peace. 

You can learn more about Force Md's here:

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